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Our Business Model

Our Model offers "Business friendly" approach ,meaning to work with Client's Business teams and Industry Experts, to ensure our offering suits the business & Technology needs of our Customers.

Our top-down strategy, "Analysis before Design" helps Business leaders, to develop and Deliver a Full-blown Information Technology Strategy linked to Business Performance which will help the organization to perform at the highest levels so they can create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders.

Our Business Framework provides an all-in-one integrated approach through which you can run your entire business - covering all business operations through Automation, its Services and training the resources. This requires various actors like Business Development Executives, Delivery Team, Technical Expertise team and Partners since it is achievable only through Profitability through Partnership Model.

The way we operate is through the local partner in that particular geography since they will be having more knowledge about the local Government rules and regulations, the business culture, better local connections to identify the opportunities. We participate in Public and Private Tenders by forming consortium with Local and other service or product partners. The tenders are generally submitted in the name of the local partner and the solution will be provided by us and we will involve the local workforce for implementation support and customizations which are required with respect to language, existing business process etc., External Consultants can be hired, if required. To bring more value proposition we also provide Consultation services which will be focusing more on selecting the technology and infrastructure part by keeping the point in mind that how far the existing system and infrastructure can be reutilized so that the expenditure of the customer can be kept tight. We also provide demonstrations, pilots to make the customer to get a feel of what they will be receiving from us as a solution. Customizations can be done even at prototype stage if customer wants to have a feel of it.

The entire scope of the work will be shared among the total number of hands involved in the project and the profit and risk will be shared accordingly. We also provide a dedicated team to handle the post implementation support until the contract gets over.

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