Value Added Distribution

We Offer value add on top of pick, pack and ship services, and have historically focused on wholesaling complex hardware and software offerings

Our value addition offerings can be segmented into three areas:

  Support of the sale

Our consultants are highly trained and hold certifications for the top manufacturers represented. They take additional on-going training throughout the year to stay current on their certifications and new products as they are introduced.

We do have a unique, proprietary service contract tracking program that notifies customers when service contracts are coming due for all products, services purchased through us. customers receive advance notification at 30, 60 and 90 days prior to expiration so that they can contact the end-user customer and renew the service agreement.

Kvaliteta’s goal is always to strive to be the premier Value Added Distributor in its segments. We continually are looking for new ways to satisfy our customers and surpass their expectations