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Application Developmenet

Every company, every day relies on robust, agile business applications to run their front offices - to reach new customers, get into new markets, and sell products and services. They rely on business applications in the back office - to maintain records, manage inventory, process analytics, and coordinate general administrative functions. Forward-facing business applications are at the heart of ongoing transformation - and if they are to truly support the business, they must be simultaneously a foundation for success and flexible enough to promote agility to enable organizations to quickly respond to inevitable change.

The services and solutions offered by Kvaliteta's Application Services Practices create the edge organizations must have to assert their competitiveness in their markets. Our integrated business solutions span the application and technology landscape, from enterprise applications and digital transformation to security and testing. We help drive business innovation by integrating next generation technology into the enterprise IT landscape. We transform business processes. We maximize and extend the value of package applications. We aggregate cutting-edge applications to drive collaboration and commerce with customers. We enable secure IT operations. And with an effective global delivery model, we assure a total quality approach for applications and technology solutions anywhere in the world.

Kvaliteta's award-winning solutions are created and implemented by teams that have the skills, knowledge, assets, tools, and strategic expertise to meet any and all enterprise technology requirements and align these technologies to business strategy. Our goal is to facilitate a company's confidence and agility in their market, with the tools to compete successfully, no matter how the business climate changes.

Your Strategic Partner

Kvaliteta works with you to identify the best solutions to achieve your strategic goals. We collaborate with the top technology vendors to provide end-to-end consulting, integration, and management services that lead to enhanced efficiency, business flexibility, and cost optimization. Application Services at Kvaliteta can be identified in six distinct categories:

Enterprise Applications: This is the core of every organization's IT structure. You need to address evolving technology and business dexterity while containing costs. Kvaliteta's Enterprise Application Services practice can assist your transformation initiatives through Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Human Capital Management and Application Management Services. Our strategic partnerships with all major enterprise software vendors help us recommend the best fit for your organization.

Business Collaboration and Customer Experience: In this world of digital networking, enterprises need to gear up to address their digital customer and provide a unique and enhanced experience at every touch point. Business Collaboration and Customer Experience helps businesses enhance customer loyalty and drive sales by getting to market, faster, with innovative digital solutions that deliver consistent, multi-channel user experiences. Kvaliteta helps businesses translate their digital vision into a reality by leveraging strategic thinking, agile solutions and global leadership.

Enterprise Business Integration: Kvaliteta offers unparalleled consulting, implementation, and managed integration services on all leading integration platforms and open source technologies. We collaborate with top vendors to deliver best-of-class technologies within robust, scalable solutions tailored for any industry and any customer. Some, like our Telecom Integration Packs and Corporate Treasury Integration Framework, are industry specific. Others, such as our Integration Competency Center - a holistic approach to application lifecycle management—and Middleware Migration Framework—a solution to expediently migrate from one middleware technology to another—are designed to work in any industry vertical.

Enterprise Security Solutions: Security used to be exclusively about preventing or fixing problems. Now its focus has transitioned to improving the bottom line. Our strategy is to address the security demands of today's organizations that include embracing new technologies; mitigating cyber threats; and conforming with regulations even while increasing customer trust; reducing risks, costs, and complexity; achieving compliance targets; and improving productivity. Security today is about demonstrating business value and we achieve that with integrated, end-to-end security and compliance solutions agile enough to transform with ever-changing business and IT risks.

Cyber Security Consulting: Kvaliteta's cyber security consulting services are designed to help customers adopt a holistic approach towards risk management for making businesses more secure and resilient to cyber-attacks. Through a range of services, Kvaliteta can help customers understand their current risk posture and weak links to frame a dialogue around security programs that would be required to achieve the desired state. Kvaliteta leverages deep security expertise to define the security roadmap, ensuring that program execution and security operations are carried out in a cost effective manner.

Enterprise Architecture: Kvaliteta can help align your IT strategy with your business strategy, adopt emerging technologies and capitalize on existing application portfolios. We can design strategic solutions that are key enablers of success in the 21st century workplace. Our world-class Enterprise Architecture team can establish the structure, processes, and tools for improvements in technology governance, create the metrics needed to measure alignment of your IT landscape with your business goals, and help implement the strategic solutions that will propel your business forward.

Testing Services: We provide model-based, holistic testing services powered by specialized tools, frameworks, and solutions. Using our own IP, that of our trusted partners, and the best of open source, we have created a foundation of assurance solutions that gets your product to market faster, at less expense, and with greater confidence. Our testing practices include test automation, performance engineering, SOA testing, data-centric testing, package application testing, localization testing, mobility testing, test environment creation & management using virtualization in testing, certifications, and test consultancy.