ID card Management


Our ID card application offers you an uncomplicated technique of producing number of ID cards within a very short period of time. This is the advanced desktop application which can be installed in few moments. Moreover we assure you that this is a most user friendly software which will make your id cards perfectly. Even a new user can also use this software easily without any kind of pre training by just following the instructions provided. The easy excel integration is the another advantage of the software which makes it much easier for you to import the data in software Adding excel data is relatively an easy process. All the particulars such as name, blood group ,date of birth, contact number, bar code etc., can be added into the excel sheet. Any data which you need to be printed on ID card can be saved in an excel sheet. And rest all data such as ID template, signature in PNG format, etc., should be saved in the same folder containing excel sheet. And this all data is moderately importable in the software. You can save the files in any format such as Excel and CSV formats too. The main advantage of our software is that it is neither a tedious process nor a time consuming. It saves your precious time by producing several ID cards in a few minutes.