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Infrastructure & ITES services

Kvaliteta Systems is focused on providing Speed, Quality & efficiency in the IT Enabled Services we offer our customer and strive to go the extra mile to meet customer expectations.

Kvaliteta system is a well established company in the IT Enabled services industry with vast experience in Virtualization, Collaborations, security, RIM (Remote Infra Management) we specialize in providing end to end solutions to customer’s IT needs. Customers satisfied because of our high quality services and products.

Networking and IT infrastructure are complicated to set up and maintain. Kvaliteta has several years of networking experience and has worked with leading companies such as Microsoft, Allot and Cisco. We realize that the needs of every company are different, and therefore work with each individual customer to set up a personalized networking setup, Installation design, Architecteture.

Kvaliteta professional service consultants can assess your network infrastructure, quantify the performance of your network assets, design effective network architecture, and implement your network strategy. We can help you address areas of risk and plan for expansion and growth.

Expert support for server monitoring and maintenance. Excellent services to manage servers which are at the heart of an IT Infrastructure We makes server management easy for you to detecting problems and troubleshooting quickly.

Area Specialties:

  Remote infrastructure Management
  Tech Support Services
  Infrastructure Management Services
  Hardware & Product Support
  Devices and peripherals
  Servers Management / Virtualizations
  Call Centre Operations

Kvaliteta team ability to adopt and integrate new technologies, better concert and tactical planning, improved business efficiency. That’s a network that lives up to its name and we can help you achieve it.

With a rising global footstep Kvaliteta services are available in Africa, Middle East and India expanding its proprietary Digital Service cloud software technology platform.