Kvaliteta’s solutions are an exclusive collection of extensions, bundles, themes and frameworks that our team has developed over a period of time through expertise in Open Source Solutions. Some of the core process and Services of a particular industry are stand alone and which can be integrated with any other type of industries in which we offer our solution. So we have quick remedy of solutions which can address customer needs at the earliest along with our technical capabilities.

We have consultants to offer range of services for each of the industries including, proto typing, Project Management, Business Process Analysis, Business Process mapping and re-engineering, Technical consulting, Resource Planning, Resource development and training, Procurement advisory, Risk Management, Cost control and Man power Out-sourcing.

Our Solution offerings are basically covering various types of industries like E-government, Education, HRMS, Supply Chain, E-commerce, Immigration, Real estate and building management, Payment Solutions, Identity & security Solutions, Infrastructure solutions on turnkey basis.

You can contact us for demo, pricing or any other enquiry for solution required on sales@kvaliteta.in .
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