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Kvaliteta Integrated Technology Enterprise (KITE) Framework

KITE Framework, based on a SOA model, deliver a Modular Architecture that is complete, agile and standards-based and integrated for information exchange across multiple resources and functional groups of an organization.

Modern tools and platforms help to simplify the task of building applications. KITE is designed with consideration for the user, the system (the IT infrastructure), and the business goals. It is sufficiently flexible to be able to handle the natural drift that will occur over time in hardware and software technology, as well as in user scenarios and requirements.

The goal of architecture is to identify the requirements that affect the structure of the application. Good architecture reduces the business risks associated with building a technical solution.

It is important that KITE adopts the key forces that are shaping architectural decisions today, and which will change how architectural decisions are made in the future. These key forces are driven by user demand, as well as by business demand for faster results, better support for varying work styles and workflows, and improved adaptability of software design.

  • Principles of KITE:
      Build to change instead of building to last.
      Model to analyze and reduce risk
      Use models and collaboration tool
      Identify key engineering decisions

  • Key Trends:
      User empowerment
      Market maturity
      Flexible design
      Future trends

This KITE Framework can be applied to both JAVA and .Net windows platforms. Based the customers requirement the technology components difference. The Common KITE architectural style with components grouped by different areas of concern are defined in the following 4 Tiers