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Technology Born Through Research

"We Aim To Design & Maintenance Products for Communication As Well As Application Purposes by Leveraging Our Exceptional Scientific Talent Pool and Development Capabilities"

Who We Are

Kvaliteta is a leading company in the design and development of future Telecom systems, offering related consultancy services and products. Amongst other services, Kvaliteta is known for its state of the art product implementations for future Technology. Focusing on Physical & Application layer protocols. We offer software solutions, technical consultancy, expert manpower and technical training in next generation mobile communication technologies like GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, W-CDMA UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+ ,IMS, VoIP, UMA, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Fiber access,TETRA,RAN, MPLS. We develop and implement leading edge technologies and future standards such as UMTS, HSPA, WiMAX and Long Term Evolution as well as Wi-Fi and IPTV services. Our partners and customers benefit from our capabilities in simulation, rapid prototyping, testing and implementation. Furthermore our team of experts continuously provides supplementary services such as product Engineering support and training to our world-wide customers.

Kvaliteta is a Network Design & Development unit specializing in wired and wireless domain. Presented in UAE, Africa regions. We are a rising player in the consulting domain in the areas of Network Convergence, Security and data centers.

Our Solutions

Our Implementation And Roll Out Services Designed To Put To Use Our Implementation Experience Gained Over The Years. Our Accelerated ASAP Based Methodology Focuses On Delivering Faster Time To Market Using A Vast Array Of Accelerators Like Preconfigured Templates, Knowledge DataBase, Pre-Defined Test Scenarios And Business Process Maps. Our Dual Shore Capability Provides The Necessary Foundation To Deliver Best In Class Solutions In The Most Cost Effective Manner.

Design, Development & Maintenance

Kvaliteta Has In-house Knowledge And Resources To Turn Ideas And Requirements Into Market Leading Products. We Have a Significant Expertise in Delivering Time & Material As well As Fixed costs/Fixed-Schedule Programs.Kvaliteta Engagements Are To Design, Build and Transfer Solutions That Are Ready for Deployment, Complete with Proper Branding, Packaging and Documentation.

Upgrade & Migration

We Recognize That Customers Wanting To Upgrade Are Not Sure About The Total Cost Of Upgrading Their System Or How Much Their Internal Staff Will Need To Be Augmented. Therefore We Offer Initial Diagnostic Session To Assess Complexity Of The Upgrade, Given The Modules In Use, The Number Of Custom Programs, Interfaces And Reports.Ultimately The Quality Of Assessment And The Actual Upgrade Depends On The Human Factor And That’s Why We Use Only Senior Consultants With Extensive Rich Experience Resulting In Fewer Consultants Thus Ensuring Cost Optimization.

Maintenance & Support

As A Part Of Our Post Implementation Services, Kvaliteta Offers Support And Maintenance To Customers Using Best Tools And Methodologies Which Helps Customers Get Maximum Return On Their Ever Growing Business Critical Applications. By Managing Service Level Agreements For Our Customers Our Consultant Take A Proactive Approach To Software Support and Maintenance by Focusing On Long Term Functionality, Stability and Preventive Maintenance to Avoid Problems That Typically Arise. This Approach, Coupled with Our Robust Service Delivery Mechanism with A highly Optimized Onsite and Off-Shore Mix Allows Our Customers to Continually Reduce Recurring Maintenance Costs.

Projects & Integration

Project Management Services (PMS) as a specialized service that provides its clients end-to-end project management services encompassing the entire life cycle of telecom infrastructure implementation – starting from site survey to site integration.

Our Project Management Services help the client, complete compliance and ensures that all issues are strictly managed and controlled to the required specifications. In addition Project Management Services also includes supply of skilled manpower for Project Management activities on time and expenses basis. Our Project Management team can manage all the activities of a given project right from Site Survey to Site Integration. This helps an Operator / Client in having optimum manpower and relaying on the Project Management in executing the project successfully in time.

Featured Products

Visibility can give the ability to track subscribers behavior and trends to learn exactly who is using different applications and how often. Service providers who wish to maximize the network performance in order to control cost and hang to customers. Are looking for ways to implement intelligence IP service optimization .They need to deliver fair and accurate service level among Subscribers. Ensure that all users receiving high quality web sessions among High bandwidth subscribers.

So here it’s the solution:
We partner with Allot communication to helps service provides to achieve this goal. The flexible service tiering, powerful policy control, and real-time charging provided by Allot product is the key to implementing competitive and profitable business models to personalize service offerings and maximize service revenues. Allot products also extends per-user management to large Enterprises who provide critical connectivity services to employees.

Allot products provides various Digital Lifestyle Services:
Subscriber Management Platform provides managing digital lifestyle experiences, Personalize the use. Monetize the experience.

Telcos and BigData Analytics
  Reporting and Analytics Solutions
  Traffic Management solutions
  Policy Control & Charging solutions
  Service Enablement solutions
Currently we are the distributors for allot communication in the Middle East and African Market. Also we provide product implementation, configuration, provisioning, maintenance, and training for all Allot products.

Service Offerings

Kvaliteta Support the Following Wire &Wireless Technology Services:
  Implementation & Rollouts
  Maintenance & Support
  Project Management
  Network Analytics
  NOC Operations (Network Operation center)
  Infrastructure Management Services    click here to see more about Infrastructure Service
  NMS (Network Management System) Support

Our Team

We take pride in the quality of our Employee, policies and procedures and foster a professional environment that encourages continued commitment to our client services. We also conduct regular training to upgrade skills and to keep abreast with latest developments in Network Technology. Team Kvaliteta - 100% Speed, Quality, effiency.what we learn we will share Our team consists of highly energetic, trained and experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds such as 3G / 4G / 5G / WCDMA / HSPA / WiMAX / WLAN/RAN/Backhaul connectivity . System Architecture, Design & Release Management and testing services with domains expertise in respective areas. Kvaliteta offers consultancy in the areas of Networking, Security, and Telecom & Wireless thereby addressing the customer’s immediate needs and also aligning IT with the business roadmap of the organization.

Future Focus with Kvaliteta

Kvaliteta Strives To Offer World-class Engineering Services Designed To Enable Clients To Grow Their Business Profitably and Extensive Experience In Telecoms Product Development For Both Cutting Edge New Technologies. By Choosing Kvaliteta Our Clients Will Able To Meet Their Business Commitments and Customer Expectations in A Timely And Cost Effective Manner.